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live laugh

live laugh

live laugh by tatyana-abr

Hey guys!
I'm sorry for a long break but I was in hospital. It's alright now and I continue the blogging. So new posts will be released soon : )
As for this look, I wanted use some bright colours and tropical style, but it's a cold winter in Russia, so I added a coat.
At last, I congratulate you on Christmas : ) In Russia they celebrate the New Year only, because Orthodox Xmas is the 7 of January and under Soviet rule the religion was forbidden.
Happy oncoming New Year : )


среда, 27 ноября 2013 г.

plaid dress

plaid dress

This plaid dress by Saint Laurent fall-winter 2013-2014 collection... I love it! It became a real hit of the season, almost all shops of fast fashion released a similar model. Than I like it? First, I like the mini and the lovely collars) Secondly, this dress combines the typical image of excellent pupil and rebellious pins with a sequined bow. It's in the style of my personality very much)
Of course, in this collection Saint Laurent not only the dress was beautiful, but the genre too. So now grunge and tartan cell are in fashion) But that's another story)

вторник, 22 октября 2013 г.

What's interesting on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia ss2014?

Hi everyone)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia isn't far off, so this my post will be devoted to it. Designers, celebrities, journalists - all are preparing for it - Russian fashion week. Needless to say, that MBFWR is one of the most important events of the fashion season.

The first show (Chapurin) will be held today, but the official date of opening is the 25th of October. The main venue will be the Manege (it's Moscow exhibit room).

I already received schedule (you can read here): in the fashion week both  the well-known designers Igor Chapurin, Slava Zaitsev, Dasha Gauser, Alena Akhmadullina, Leonid Alexeev will take part and the debutants of the last seasons - Maroussia Zaitseva, Maria Golubeva, Anton Galetsky.

Tony Ward ss2014 p-a-p
Tony Ward will present his collection of haute couture 26 October. Tony worked with Lanvin, Dior, Chloe before creating his own brand. Brilliant evening and cocktail Tony's dresses obviously will be a great success in Russia - this has all the prerequisites in the form of abundant decoration and holiday purpose. Interestingly, the models of the show will be the contestants of the "Miss universe 2013", which this year for the first time will take place in Moscow (November 9 in «Crocus city Hall»).

31 October will be devoted to Vyacheslav Zaitsev. "Slava Zaitsev fashion festival" will include shows of graduates Zaitsev's fashion Lab (show Bunker Z), of Nicholay Kyvyrzhik, which Maitre believes successor of his style, as well as the collective show of young designers. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will have a demonstration of haute couture collection by brand SLAVA ZAITSEV for the end.

But the main feature of this fashion week is the following: apparel many clothes can be purchased online via the eBay Fashion, available for Android, iPad and iPhone, six months before the release in the stores. Clothing will be available for order only for two weeks and the delivery will be realized until the new year.

As for me, I hope to visit all the most significant MBFW events. Well, if you can't do it, there is always the opportunity to come to the venue during fashion week and pose for street style photographers)))

среда, 16 октября 2013 г.

Liebster award

Liebster award
Hi everyone)
Sasha Shut nominated me for the Liebster award for that thank her) Liebster is an award to  the novice bloggers, it's made to help beginners make your blog successful.The point is this: blogger received a nomination
  • tells 11 interesting facts about herself
  • answers 11 questions
  • chooses its nominees (preferably also 11)
  • invents for new nominees 11 questions.

Everything is simple) So there you go:

11 interesting facts about me:
  1. I wore braces until November last year.

  2. I love the pink color and all nice things: princesses, drawn ballerinas, unicorns, owls, rabbits, all sorts of cute little animals, crowns, hearts, bows... But I don't like when on any pink things they make too much glitter, too bright shade of pink or idiotic technique illustration - it makes things vulgar.

  3. I graduated from the art school with honors and secondary school with the excellent certificate.

  4. I love banana juice and banana ice cream, also coffee and coffee chocolate, though I hate coffee.

  5. I have a younger sister, she is 9 years.

  6. I like Dan brown's novels, and I'm going to go to University for the art critic profession.

  7. Once I fired the gun.

  8. Now I am involved in research in physics on the topic "the Study of solar activity influence on the people", but never have enough enthusiasm of others, at least something to explore.

  9. In my childhood I went to the circle of beadwork for 2 years.

  10. I like adventure parks and aquaparks and often I go for a drive on most terrible chutes.

  11. In 4 years I was watching "the Simpsons"

Answers to questions:

1.Which of the trends of the current season do You like?
   Plaid, pink color, print eye by Kenzo, style grunge.

2.A country that is mysterious and magical for you?
    I think this is India.

3.Where do You like to write your posts?
   At the writing-table. I haven't wifi)

4. Horror movie or movie, you can cry about that?
   Horror movies I've never really looked, and as to cry films I can cry for any any sentimental moment in any film, but it happens that I don't cry even for the tragedies. I remember crying when I looked "Up" and "Horde" in the cinema.

5. Your super hero
    Heroes of Roy Lichtenstein's paintings)

6. A perfect morning for You?
  Sunday. Nowhere to go. Warm sun shines, the sky is bright blue. I have something delicious for the breakfast. You can quietly watch a TV with something very Sunday type "While all are in the houses"* (I don't know indicate whether it yet) or "School of repair"*, as in childhood.
*russian TV programmes

7. Wash your head at evening or get up early and do it in the morning?
    Ummm... I my wash head once a week, because from the point of view of biological this is correctly. When the head is dirty I just do tail. I wash my head late at evening, sometimes until night.

8. In what clothes do You feel attractive and sexy particularly ?
    In heeled shoes, what else?) Well and when I just look good.

9. What took your breath away for the last time?
    The bright fall colors did it) I saw the pink sky, burning sunset, the brightest colored leaves on a background of gray clouds, smoke, faded grass...

10. The photographer, by who would You have your photograph taken ?
      I think it would be interesting to work with Karl Lagerfeld) Do you know that he himself photographed for him advertising companies and etc?

11. The hero of the movie or book, You can compare yourself?
       Candyce from the "Phineas and Ferb", Lisa from "the Simpsons", "the blonde in the law".

My nominees:

  1. Why do You keep your blog?
  2. You like it, would You subscribe?
  3. What is the target audience of Your blog? You actually think about it?
  4. What is the most insane thing to do, that You would have gone in for your blog.
  5. How do You feel about the fact that some bloggers buy things themselves  and then write that  the designers gave them the clothes? Would you do it?
  6. What is your favorite brand?
  7. What's your favorite magazine or news site?
  8. Favorite nail Polish color?
  9. The originality or the elegance?
  10. Diet or enjoying delicious food?
  11. Can one dress very stylish and fashionable, if not to buy anything in the stores, only sew yourself and dig around in grandmother's chests and second-hand?

Well that's all) Good Luck to all the beginners on this thorny way) And Yes, who wants, you can also answer questions in the comments - I would be very interesting to read.

пятница, 11 октября 2013 г.

Русалки в городе / Mermaids in the town

Хайчики, зайчики)))
Смотрите, это  самые прекрасные наряды, Rochas весна-лето 2014.
Коллекция посвящена русалочкам, поэтому присутствуют очки для подводного плаванья, причёски в стиле "волосы под водой", нежные цвета, блестюшки и обувь, напоминающая шлёпанцы и наконечники швабр))) Больше всего мне нравятся лапочные нежные одежды и красивенькие сверкающие бусики.

Hey honey bunnies)))

See, this is excellent dresses, Rochas spring-summer 2014.
The collection is devoted to the mermaids, so there are goggles for diving, hair look like hair under water, soft colors, sequins and shoes reminiscent of the flip-flops and the mops))) I like  most of all cute soft clothes and beautiful sparkling glass bead.


not bad

понедельник, 30 сентября 2013 г.

Like or look like

Привет всем! Сегодня я начинаю новую рубрику "Like or look like", в которой буду сравнивать дорогие вещи известных брендов и их аналоги из масс-маркета.

Итак, в первом выпуске — наряд с показа Cèline против платья Zara. Цены этих вещей от Céline я не нашла, потому как в интернете они не продаются, а вот платьишко Zara стоит 2999 рублей. 

Естественно, дизайнеры Zara лишь подражали Фиби Фило (Phoebe Philo; как тесто фило, только Фиби : ) ), однако платье их получилось более носибельным. Мне оно нравится даже больше оригинального пальто Céline, которое хоть и можно круто носить, однако не со всем и не всегда (можете со мной поспорить и предложить интересные луки с ним). 

Что касается идеи дизайна. Клетка эта ассоциируется у меня с вокзалами, ягодами и вареньем, которые возят в больших целлофановых сумках, и разного рода провинциальностью и безвкусицей. В этом и состояла концепция Фило: игра контрастов — взять что-то убогое и создать красоту. Я могла бы создать сейчас целую теорию о том, что дизайнер таким образом хотела символизировать перерождение души, эволюцию и бла-бла-бла, но я не думаю, что вменяемый человек, чья задача состоит в создании необычной и хорошо продающейся одежды, может зайти так далеко в плане концепций. Хотя кто знает...

Like or look like

Сет Like or look like пользователя tatyana-abr

Hi everyone! Today I start a new rubric "Like or look like" in which I will compare expensive things of famous brands with their analogues from mass market.

So in first edition — outfit from Céline catwalk versus Zara dress. I have'nt found the prices of these Céline clothes, because it isn't sold in the Internet, but this Zara dress cost 2999 rubles (about 100 dollars).

Naturally, Zara's designers just imitated Phoebe Philo (as Filo pastry, but Phoebe : ) ), but their dress is shaped more practical. I like it more even than an original Céline coat, what can be wearing cool, bu not with everything and not always (you can discuss with me and propose interesting looks with it).

As to design idea. This plaid  is associated for me with stations, berries and jam, bringing in large plastic bags, and all sorts of provincialism and tasteless. This was the concept of Philo: game of contrasts - taking something miserable and create beauty. I could now create a whole theory about that the designer so wanted to symbolize the rebirth of the soul, evolution, and blah blah blah, but I don't think that a sane person, whose task consists in creation of unusual and well-marketed clothes, may go so far in terms of concepts. But who knows...

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